Fishing is a very popular sport and entertainment in the world. With a fishing rod and a little patience, you can practice anywhere, from small ponds to huge seas.

Enjoy your stay at Tam Coc Garden, while trying to play the role of a Vietnamese farmer who handles his bamboo fishing rod so effortlessly on the edge of the pond...listening to the wind, the leaves whispering, and the fish wagging underwater. You will forever remember the typical smell of the countryside with its mud and straw while immersing yourself in the local Vietnamese culture.

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Place : The tranquil water yard around Tam Garden; private pond of any local family

Instructor: Our staff


  • Bamboo fishing rod
  • Bait
  • Rattan basket
  • Stool


  • Access to fishing grounds together with Tam Coc Garden’s staff.
  • Place the bait on the fishing rod.
  • Relax and wait patiently for the fish take the bait
  • Get fish

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