Solidarity/ethical tourism

Providing local communities with the economic benefits of tourism

- Hiring locals from surrounding villages to become of part of Tam Coc Garden family, and training them which will enable them to open up their career paths

- Involving locals in activities that they master so as to make them active in their own personal or professional development while paying them fairly.

- Improving the living conditions and well being of local communities.

Sustainable tourism

Minimizing the negative impacts of tourism from an economic, social and environmental standpoint

- Being careful not to alter the identity and integrity of local communities and highlighting the importance of folklore.

- Supporting local crafts, skills, traditions and culture in the development of touristic activities.

- Combining tourism development with protection of the environment as well as the local communities.

Participatory tourism

Encouraging interaction and exchange between travelers and locals

- Allowing travellers and local people to better understand the various aspects of different cultures and learn their peculiarities.

- Allowing travellers to experience the authentic local life and have deep human interactions with the regional people.

- Being part of our travellers’ personal growth and self-fulfillment through a lifetime of cultural enrichment and meaningful travel experiences.