We are so privileged to be living on such an incredibly generous planet, and to be calling Earth our home. This home has given us the awe-inspiring beauty of nature, as well as a human and cultural environment that is infinitely rich in traditions. In this respect, and as children of Ninh Binh, it is our duty to take action in order to find the best way of preserving it, while allowing our villagers to open up to the world.

Tam Coc Garden is above all a humanist project which finds its meaning through reasoned and enlightened activity and growth. We always keep in mind that offering high-end services in our property is not an end in itself, but that it must go along with morality and action guidelines for the conservation of the environment as well as the local communities.

Following this idea, Tam Coc Garden as a tourism actor, is strongly committed to a firm program, which involves all stakeholders. “Solidarity”, “Preservation” and “Education” are the answers to our children’s future, so that the success of Tam Coc can become a chance for all. 

Our commitment

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Our responsible actions

We always try our best to continue exploring and taking enjoyment from this land while preserving its untouched beauty, original culture, healthy ecosystems and diverse communities and ensure that our work is beneficial to the local community for generations to come.

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Our sustainable projects

Each year we build different projects to support in the area. By partnering with local communities for our products, each of our elements respects and sustains local lifestyles while giving our guests unique and personalized experiences which last a lifetime.

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