Citronella Restaurant

Let your senses be gently awakened...

Tam Coc Garden’s cuisine is bursting with daring flavors and aromatic herbs. Fine-tuning the right balance between local and western tastes, our Chef commits to transform traditional dishes into unique creations that touch the soul and make an unforgettable sensory experience.

Our unique space combined with exquisite regional culinary arts promises freshness that fuels unparalleled taste, with ingredients picked straight from our organic garden which is nestled in the middle of lotus ponds and water lilies. Due to its rich soil in an unspoilt natural environment, and thanks to the unconditional love of our gardener Uncle Bon, the garden flourished with fresh aromatic herbs, vibrant colorful spices, as well as succulent fruits and vegetables.

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Just 20 meters away from the garden lies the kitchen of Tam Coc Garden where you will find our Chef experimenting with fresh mint, coriander, ginger, cardamom, turmeric, star anise and many others exotic spices.

These delectable flavors are carried into our cuisine, stimulating your sense of sight, smell, taste and touch. More delightful experiences may be had on our rooftop or poolside, in a natural setting with a poetic view of the sun setting over the majestic mountains.

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Longani Bar

Our bar offers an excellent choice of selected wines and tasty, exotic drinks.

Treat yourself to delightful flavors by sipping on your favorite cocktails any day of the week and any time of the day.

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There is something about the tinkling clink of the ice, the chilled crystal glass in your hand, the gorgeous fresh fruit and herb garnishes and the nuanced flavors of a good craft cocktail. Take the first sip and we promise you a heavenly feeling.

You can expect to try our delicious timeless classics or even innovative creations from our list of signature cocktails, if you’re feeling more adventurous. You’re welcome to savour all the delightful flavours with a perfect balance of alcohol and unique components, creating a vibrant spirit. We also have a vast selection of non-alcoholic drinks at your disposal. With or without alcohol, we offer a delightfully complex and interesting cocktail state of mind accompanied by all-natural flavors and sweetened with unique juice blends.

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Culinary journey

Vietnamese cuisine has long been renowned for its harmonious balance between colors - flavors - nutritional balance. Join us and discover this unique culinary journey!

Indigenous Cookery

Gather fresh ingredients from the local market to make tasty dishes