Tonkin Garden

- Garden of Emotions -

Villagers in the Red River Delta traditionally had gardens around their homes. The owners of Tam Coc Garden were inspired by this ancestral way of life to create this magnificent Tonkinese garden.

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The Land

- The ancient roots of Tam Coc -

Nested between lumbering limestone peaks and glistening rice paddies, Tam Coc Garden is a charming oasis that is endowed with rich natural and cultural heritage. The resort is designed according to the original construction of an authentic Tonkinese village with stone houses and tile roofs in the middle of a lush garden. Everything appeals to travelers who appreciate the beauty of nature, traditional values, local culture and who have a stake in creating ecologically sustainable travel experiences.

The Houses

- Designed for natural living -

The tastefully decorated rooms blend furniture, materials, colors and style to bring a sense of cohesion through a refined charm without pretentiousness. Stone, wood, traditional tiles, ceramics and bamboo are naturally intertwined to create a unique personality and charisma.


- Discover the soul of Tam Coc -

Connection to the natural world is an important part of one’s sense of self. Nature is often forgotten and taken for granted, and yet it's right in front of us if only we would listen with our ear to the earth. 


Laugh more, worry less and make the most of your stay



A seasonal journey from Nature to plate



Do something today that your future self will thank you for.


Nature Immersion

Opening doors to a deeper understanding of an unknown place


Local Immersion

Opening doors to a deeper understanding of an unknown place


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Offers & Events

- Get more for less! -

Our ecolodge sanctuary completely immersed in an unspoiled nature is the perfect exclusive retreat for special occasions. We maintain an ideal environment to disconnect from regular busy lives and reconnect to yourself, nature, and the people around you. Have the entire place just for yourself, and your group will experience complete privacy, serenity and the freedom to create an entirely personalized event.