1, Tam Coc Garden - the only heart shaped resort in the world

Heart of Voh, New Caledonia ; Tavarua island resort; Corfu island or Makepeace island….are well-known with you. But a unique authentic and natural lodge in heart shape, specially situated in a charming ecotourism zone like Trang An, have you ever heard about it? Tam Coc Garden is a destination of heart, both in literal meaning and figurative meaning.

A truly Tonkin village in miniature, located between rice paddy fields, constructed into typical small houses of stone and tile roofs, beautified with bamboo hedges and greened with vegetable and fruit garden for the purpose of gathering fresh ingredients for homemade meals - all contribute to our pride for this amicable boutique resort.

The heart shape of this lodge is surely not a product of photoshop or in our intention when being built, it is just a lovely coincidence which we must clarify with you.

Originally, this land was a infinitely peaceful place which is nestled in the heart of green rice paddy fields. Then, we regenerated it with meticulousness and enthusiasm for a comfortable  lodge to serve you but still respect the beauty of its pristine natural landscape. One day, three years after we bought this land, we discovered ineffably the amazing heart shape of Tam Coc Garden thanks to a coincidentally research via Google Earth. Afterwards, we decided to invite an american photographer - Ryan, to take some photos of our lodge by flycam. These flycam photos strongly sympathized us.

A heart is not simply a nice shape but indeed, it’s a message we want to share with you. As a symbol of emotion, a heart represent for love or the most precious feelings of human being. Our staffs, all are native people from neighbor villages, will treat you well from the bottom of their heart as if you were their family. You will feel like home if you stay with us and being surrounded with your beloved persons but not in a strange place. It is sure that in this far away from hustle and busy life space, you will find out an absolute serenity in your soul. For family, for couple or for friends, this is a perfect place of emotions and inspirations. Or even you go all alone, without anxiety, nature will welcome you tenderly!

Link: http://ninhbinhvietnam.fr/forme-de-coeur-de-tam-coc-garden/