Báo chí

1, The Telegraph (Báo tiếng Anh)

"If you’re looking for beyond-the-brochure Vietnam, this countryside idyll ringed by rice paddies and lotus ponds amid the rolling mountains of Ninh Binh, a two-hour drive south of Hanoi, is just the ticket. ...

It comes as a delightful surprise to find such a stylish little abode in what is essentially the middle of nowhere. It is bursting with charm, and there are fragrant wildflowers and tropical blooms framing the pathways, intimate outdoor terraces and chic rooms which open up onto swaying rice fields. Combine that with the remote location and bucolic scenery and you’ve got the perfect recipe for calm."

Link: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/destinations/asia/vietnam/hotels/tam-coc-garden-hotel/


2, The New York Times

"There we had found the loveliest lodging of our trip — and the competition was keen — at a place called Tam Coc Gardens. It’s a few stone bungalows hidden within a lush landscape, ringed by colossal limestone rock formations and plateaus we had only seen in watercolor paintings. We had picked the place because it is a half-hour bike ride from the Thung Nham Bird Park."

Link: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/01/travel/vietnam-wildlife-species-ecotravel-tourism.html


3, Le Grumeau (Báo tiếng Pháp)

press tam coc garden

"Le Tam Coc Garden est un hôtel de charme situé à quelques kilomètres de Ninh Binh ; des bungalows indépendants entre les rizières et les montagnes, au bord de l’eau dans des jardins de bananiers. Les chambres n’ont pas à rougir du cadre idyllique : espaces immenses, couleurs chaudes, salles de bains comme des jardins, matériaux nobles, wifi, quiétude absolue. Les prix sont très sages pour la qualité proposée."

Link: http://legrumeau.com/baie-dhalong-terrestre-hotel/


4, Mis rincones de Asia (Báo tiếng Tây Ban Nha)

blog tam coc garden

"Hablando de hoteles…Creo que en el que nosotros estuvimos, merece una mención especial en este post: Tam Coc Garden Resort. Si crees haberte despedido de la naturaleza al acabar la ruta en bici, no lo creas porque lo mejor está por llegar…

Para todos aquellos que se planteen visitar esta zona del mundo, aprovechad que Tam Coc es todavía un lugar desconocido para la mayoría de los turistas. Dicen ser la hermana pequeña de Ha Long Bay – desde mi humilde punto de vista, creo que no merece ni una comparación si lo que buscas es descubrir naturaleza entre amigos / con tu pareja o familia en vez de con 500 turistas con la cámara al cuello -."

Link: https://misrinconesdeasia.wordpress.com/2015/06/26/tam-coc-mas-que-un-rincon/


5, Big Doug & Barbie Drop Out of Society (Blog tiếng Anh)

"The area to stay in is in Tam Coc and the no-brainer, ‘go to’ place to stay is the Tam Coc Garden Resort.​ ..."

Video: https://videopress.com/v/8ZDmliKc

Link: https://douglasoringer.com/2017/05/25/tam-coc-ninh-binh-northern-vietnam/


6, Chic Family Journeys (Blog tiếng Anh)

"While other guests headed out after breakfast for sightseeing, we headed straight for the pool. Caitlin and Molly wandered the gardens of the resort on their own and of course, enjoyed the Netflix/iPad time. I had some tummy upset, whether from food or too much adult beverages it's hard to pinpoint. Simply relaxing was all I needed to soon feel better. ..."

Link: http://www.chicfamilyjourneys.com/p/vietnam-day-19-oasis-relaxation.html


7, Oh ! magazine (Báo tiếng Anh)


8, World Wild Brice (Blog tiếng Anh)

"Il y a aussi des hôtels super moches (des tours) directement dans le coeur du village de Tam Coc. Bon tu l’auras compris le Tam Coc Garden c’est tout l’inverse et c’est surtout le seul hôtel haut de gamme, avec du charme, super bien placé et avec une âme (il y en a un autre qui est aussi haut de gamme mais qui fait 130 chambres et où se déplace en voiturette de golf, pas la même ambiance on va dire !). ..."

Link: http://worldwildbrice.net/2017/04/18/tam-coc-garden-lodge-vietnam/


9, CLASSIC CHICAGO magazine (Blog tiếng Anh)

"A lush oasis welcomed us as we checked into Tam Coc Garden, a boutique hideaway offering only eight bungalows.  It was off season, secluded and quiet. I was in my element. Aside from the resort, Tam Coc is also a region of the Ninh Binh Province which we would later explore. ... "

Link: http://www.classicchicagomagazine.com/a-rural-gem-ninh-binh-vietnam/


10, Cupcakes and Cashmere (Blog tiếng Anh)

"Highlight: Speaking a very rough Vietnamese-French-English hybrid with our guide along the Tam Coc boat tour, who showed us her rice paddies and told us about her life in Ninh Binh, despite significant language barriers. ... "

Link: https://cupcakesandcashmere.com/series-stories/leslies-trip-to-vietnam


11, Flash packing barbie (Blog tiếng Anh)

"We chose to stay in the heart of Tam Coc instead of the town area. The town area is not pretty at all.  Yes, the price was higher to stay in Tam Coc but this was money well spent.​ ..."

Link: https://flashpackingbarbie.com/2017/07/05/ninh-binh-vietnam/


12, Vietnam free travel (Blog tiếng Anh)

"Our eco-friendly lodging Tam Coc Garden is a lovely garden resort outside of the main town that feels so peaceful.  We are staying in a family bungalow with killer views of towering limestone karsts all around.  There's a garden-surrounded pool, on-site restaurant, and free bikes to take the short distance to sights. ..."

Link: http://vietnamfreetravel.com/a-thrilling-family-journey-from-vacations-to-exploration-in-ninh-binh


13, Wild Women expeditions (Blog tiếng Anh)

"The rest of your day is free to relax and enjoy the resort’s stunning setting and facilities, such as the swimming pool.​ ..."

Link: https://wildwomenexpeditions.com/trips/wonders-of-northern-vietnam/


14, Ngôi sao.net

"Tam Coc Garden nằm ở thôn Hải Nham, xã Ninh Hải, huyện Hoa Lư, Ninh Bình là gợi ý không tồi cho kỳ nghỉ cuối tuần. Được xây dựng trên một khu đất rộng, resort như một ốc đảo giữa cánh đồng lúa với núi non hùng vĩ bao quanh. Rất gần khu nghỉ là đồng lúa, bờ tre, hồ nước, vườn cây, hoa trái đem tới không gian yên bình, tĩnh lặng, lý tưởng để "đi trốn". ..."

Link: https://ngoisao.net/tin-tuc/an-choi/choi-dau/ba-resort-sinh-thai-gan-ha-noi-cho-nguoi-luoi-di-xa-cuoi-tuan-3618779.html

15, La Libre.be (Báo tiếng Pháp)

"Réveillez-vous au chant des oiseaux dans une chambre aux couleurs chaudes mêlant pierres et bois sous un toit de chaume. Ouvrez la porte-fenêtre et installez-vous sur la terrasse avec une vue sur les montagnes. Partez ensuite pour une balade à vélo à travers les rizières."


16, Christinas.vn (Blog tiếng Anh)

"For an upscale experience, Tam Coc Garden Resort is a great option. The fancy rooms, elaborately decorated restaurants and breathtaking views of the countryside make this resort something truly unique. If you’re here for a special occasion, you might want to consider splurging on this place."

Link: https://blog.christinas.vn/guide-to-ninh-binh/

17, Le Point (Báo Tiếng Pháp)

"A 200 kilomètres de la baie de Lan Ha, dans les terres, le charmant hôtel Tam Coc Garden est entouré de montagnes, de rizières et de la rivière Ben Dang, traversée par les traditionnels sampans. Une halte parfaite pour visiter cette région surnommée la « baie d’Along terrestre »..."