M05: Jeep Tour in Ninh Binh

For those longing to explore the natural and cultural beauties of Tam Coc in-depth, Ninh Binh which is also known as Halong Bay (UNESCO World Heritage Site) on land, the Jeep tour is an experience not to be missed. Even when biking is a great way to explore the hallucinatory nature, its possibility to reach all destinations is limited. However, our Jeep, an ancient restored vehicle of US Army, would exceed the limits of the bike on tracks and small routes. Providing an ultra-panoramic view and full sensory encounter, the jeep tour is undoubtedly a great way for you to discover Halong Bay on land.


Departure from Tam Coc Garden in a private Jeep through the “path of small pleasures”. The one where you could get a chance to encounter pupils going to school by bike, grannies going to the local market, farmers leading buffaloes goats or ducks, or street vendors with their musical containers…Enjoy feeling lost at the base of the vast verdant cliffs to discover dreamy landscapes through the countless granite mountains and reach Hoa Lu. It was the ancient capital during Dinh and Le dynasties from 968 to 1009. Visit the vestiges of the former capital including Emperor Dinh and Le’s tombs.  

We continue on the road which offers a panoramic view of Bai Dinh pagoda, the Buddhist temple complex which contains the largest pagoda of Vietnam but also of Southeast Asia. Lunch with the locals, with an opportunity to taste some regional specialties such as goat meat or com chay, a delicious type of crispy rice.


Option 1:

We continue the tour towards the largest submerged nature reserve in North Vietnam, a sanctuary for 39 animal and 722 plant species: Van Long. A sampan ride, a braided bamboo boat, allows you to sail between the reeds and the spectacular karst landscapes. Caves with evocative names are reflected in the mirror stretched by the river: Hang Ca (Fish Cave), Hang Rùa, (Turtle Cave), Hang Chanh (Lemon Cave)…


Option 2:

After lunch with the locals, bike ride in the surrounding villages to observe the scenes of daily local life. 

In the late afternoon, sail on a small sampan boat to discover the Thien Ha cave, (Galaxy Cave), in the middle of a bamboo jungle. Rowing following the river stream to take a tour around 800m tall mountains.  

Then we return by boat to Tam Coc Garden. Beautiful one hour stroll among landscapes that give off an eternal sense of poetry. 

This package can be personalized according to your needs. Please contact us for more information.


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