In this culture where divorce is a common occurrence, the simple fact that you made it another year means that you’ve hit a milestone in your marriage, which deserves a proper celebration.

Our ecolodge is often considered a paradise on Earth where your senses of sight, smell, taste and touch are stimulated by the sound of birds chirping, the colorful and fine-textured vegetables and aromatic herbs in our Tonkinese garden, and the delectable flavors of our cuisine that you will be able to experience with a poetic view of the sun setting over the majestic mountains. 

Not to mention our splendid swimming pool, surrounded by greenery and flowers, reflecting the stunning limestone formations of Tam Coc – the perfect unspoilt natural environment to help you reconnect and remember the past in a positive light, while creating new memories and lifelong traditions for the future!

With the constant information overflow of our daily routine lives, it has become a luxury to many to find themselves in a calm oasis where life is not rushed and where local resources are used to create unforgettable experiences.

So if you and your loved one are looking for a way of travelling in an authentic and ecologically sensitive way while supporting local communities, Tam Coc Garden is the ideal relaxing getaway for two, an escape from life’s busy pace.