Local life

Situated in the heart of a serene, tranquil, preserved environment, Tam Coc Garden is an ideal place to soak up the local culture by learning, from local inhabitants, many traditional trades of Ninh Binh province :

Picnic in nature

For the love of food, friends, family & fresh air.

What is more relaxing than sitting outdoor in the shade of the tree, out in nature, surrounded by rice fields & mountains in a luxury & rustic setting, tasting the delicious plate being served directly to your table.

Picnic is now available at Tam Coc Garden. Besides wandering by bicycle, visiting landscapes in the...

Cooking Class 2 | Harvest fresh vegetable in the garden to make healthy food

Location: In the garden & In the kitchenette 

Duration: 90 minutes

Price upon request

The secret of transforming easy dishes into extraordinary meals? Fresh herbs.

Let’s visit our organic garden where you have a chance to discover tons of different plants being grown by the local gardeners: lettuce, perilla, chilli, cucumber, sweet potatoes, etc....

Cooking class 3 | Gather fresh ingredients from the local to make tasty dishes

Location: From the Neighbor/Market to the Kitchenette

Duration: 1 hour &  minutes

Price upon request

We start this cooking class by visiting the local people which is also our neighbor where you could buy the fresh ingredients on site. The native will show you how to catch either fish or prawns in the river. This exchange gives you a better understanding of...

- Traditional Embroidery Class -

According to local legend, embroidery was practiced by the local inhabitants for thousands of years when the Tran Kings arrived in the region of NinhBinh (1225 -1400).Queen Tran Thi Dung gave embroidery lessons to local villagers so that they could make embroidery products for royal families or for decoration of temples, pagodas and communal houses. Since then, embroidery continues to be handed...

- Bamboo Baskets Weaving Class -

The bamboo trees are always considered to be friends of the Vietnamese people in general and farmers in particular.

During years, every Vietnamese village was specialized in the manufacture of home accessories like beds, tables but especially baskets or hampers. Many villages of basketry were born little by little across the country. It was one time when these products were really predominant...

- Kite making class -

In Vietnam, the kite is not only a folk game for children during the summer, but also a traditional art.

Each year, after the rainy season, a lot of kite competitions are held throughout the country. These competitions express the desire of Vietnamese peasants to have good weather and good harvests. In fact, according to custom, the more kite rises high, the better harvest will be.There...

- Fishing -

Fishing is a very popular sport and also popular entertainment in the world. With a fishing rob and a little patience, you can practice anywhere, from small ponds to huge seas.

Enjoy a stay in Tam Coc Garden, chance to play the role of a Vietnamese peasant who handle easy his bamboo fishing rob on the edge of the shady ponds while listening to the wind, the whisper of leaves, the light...

- Sampan rowing class -

Once visit Ninh Binh, the travellers are often impressed by not only the majestic beauty of “Halong Bay in land”, but also the friendly local sampan rowers there. If you wonder how they can use their feet to drive sampans through the narrow caves, let us help you to discover it.

The local inhabitants, with their traditional sampans and their oars swaying under the shade of the eucalyptus,...

Cooking class 1 | Concoct your own dishes in the kitchenette

Tam Coc Garden is proud to be able to offer you the amazing opportunity to learn the art of authentic Vietnamese cooking. Join our cooking class and you will learn all the necessary skills, tips and secret recipes from our Chef to prepare for desserts, main dishes, appetizers. In our private garden, you will pick the freshest ingredients and organic herbs for your dishes. After class, you will enjoy...

- Making Chung cake Class -

To celebrate the Lunar New Year, Vietnamese gather with their family member, decorate their house and prepare for special traditional dishes. A few days before Tet, the Vietnamese family member often cooks Banh Chung, which is the essential food and culinary symbol of the Vietnamese New Year. It has a difference recipe from others region and family.

This is the...

- Candied Coconut Ribbons making Class -

Mut Tet (Tet candied) is not a food to serve in a meal during Tet holiday, but more like a snack to welcome guests in this special period. Mut is always kept in beautiful boxes and placed at the table in the living room, and it is the main food for the owners and guests to taste when they’re talking, enjoyed over a cup of tea. This once-in-year mix of snack is very large in variety, with so many...